Bouziane Bouteldja | Compagnie Dans6T

Biographical memo

Bouziane Bouteldja is a dancer and choreographer with a French-Algerian background. He discovered dance in 1999, studying with the renowned French-Algerian choreographers Tayeb Benamara, Karim Amghar and Kader Attou, thereafter immersing himself in hiphop while striving to perfect his stagecraft and develop his dance technique.

Alongside bboying (“breakdance”), Bouziane got in touch with  contemporary dance thanks to Marie-Elisabeth Wachter and took intensive courses in Butoh dance and drama. His sense of openness and experimentation led him to collaborate with artists from different genres: actors, dancers, musicians (Christian Mazzuchini, Claude Debord, Daniel Moreno, Marc Vella, Tamango…)

Among his works, Bouziane choreographed The Four Winds in 2005, and Duende in 2007. In 2010, he developed the duo Not that complicated under the guidance of choreographer Farid Berki. In the same year, under the auspices of the conservatory of Tarbes, he directed two dancers, one musician and two singers for the performance Harmonia City.

Bouziane Bouteldja was one of the choreographers chosen to organise the international parade at the Lyon Dance Biennale in 2010. His company work Altérité, co-directed by Coraline Lamaison (Jan Fabre) received the first price at the contemporary dance competition [Re]Connaissance in 2012. In the year 2015, he developed the solo Reversible which tours internationally. Les Faux Semblants [Subterfuge], developed both in France and in Morocco in the year 2016, includes six dancers and a live musician. During the season 2017/18, with dancer Ana Pi and singer Bastien Picot, Bouziane develops Face à terre (Facing soil), a trio questioning rituals, the imaginary hereafter, and notions of human and divine justice.

Bouziane’s desire to popularize urban cultures led him to continue his engagement as an instructor in urban dance styles since 2003. As a way of introducing urban culture into the school curriculum, Bouziane also coaches sport teachers in Paris.

Photos © Gilles Vidal