Mehdi Baki & Nicolas Fayol

Octon & Paris | France

Nicolas Fayol lives in Octon, close to Montpellier. Mehdi Baki lives in Paris.

From their encounter arose a brotherly rivalry, a quest to copy the other one, to push him, tu pull him with or against oneself to find new ways of expression.

Developed at Maguy Marin’s arts center Ramdam (Lyon), at CN D national dance center Pantin, in Houdrement arts center La Courneuve and in a garage in Octon, the result of this encounter is the duet Bye Bye Myself.

Mehdi Baki initiated the art of movement at age 11, through capoeira, b-boying and acrobatics, quickly joining the world of dance battles. In order to enrich his dance language, he started training programs and studies for classical dance, modern jazz and contemporary dance.

His discovery of physical theatre was an overwhelming experience in the year 2011, opening new perspectives. Since, his quest is the creation of a link amongst all the movement expressions he learned, with a strong theatre input.

Mehdi namely worked with Storm, Sébastien Lefrançois, David Drouard, Giuliano Peparini and James Thierrée. 

In 2018, Yoann Bourgeois invited him to part of the Scala creation.

Nicolas Fayol is part of the collective Hinterland, company in residency at Maguy Marin’s arts center Ramdam (Lyon). Hinterland is formed by dancers, musicians, video artists, plastic artists and philosophers keen to unify their respective practices.

Nicolas Fayol discovered hiphop dance styles in 2003 and grew into b-boying as an autodidact. In the year 2006, he joined the International School for Jazz Dance in Paris et received an academic teaching during 3 years. In 2009, he was awarded at the Juste Debout contest in the experimental category.

Since, he worked with different choreographers and theatre directors: Bruno Geslin, Alain Buffard, Sébastien Lefrancois, Guy Maddin, Lloyd Newson, Raphaelle Delaunay, Montalvo-Hervieu. With Bruno Geslin, he co-realized video portraits for the project 200 Rooms with workshops in high schools, remand centers, prisons and psychiatric hospitals.

In the year 2016, he started a collaboration with Christian Rizzo (CCN Montpellier): he is performer in the frame of the installation Avant la nuit dernière presented in Paris and in the trio work D’à côté. In the year 2018, he starts a collaboration with Yoann Bourgeois (CCN Grenoble) for the creation Scala.

Photos: Mehdi Baki (left) © Sofiane Belbekir. Nicolas Fayol (right) © Mehdi Baki.